"Mike Kardec, a man born to hard times and the dust-bowl of the American depression,
lay on a reed mat somewhere in the interior of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. . .
By his head sat a pyramid of thirteen human skulls and in the smokey shadows
a man and a boy waited. "

Our composer, Phil Shenale, continues to surprise and amaze us with his music. His versitile virtuosity allowed him to create a score that acts not only as a driving force for the action of a scene but also, at times is so subtle and effective that you don't even realize it's there till you feel the tears rolling down your cheeks! The entire time we worked with him to mix his music into the show, we were appologizing for having to turn it down. He masterfully wove his music around each scene lending support and body to every beat. By integrating different character themes with music inspired by both the era specific British Dutch East Indies and traditional Maylasian aboriginal influences, he has created a truly magical experience!

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  A Portage Up River     - John and Helen paused for breath on the steep slope. To their right loomed the heavy shoulders of the mountain and the moss shrouded cascades of a waterfall.

  John and Helen Meet Jeru     - Jeru whirled his parang around his head like a batter warming up. He tested its edge with his thumb. John lowered his head . . .